Faido is the capital of the district of Leventina in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in southern Switzerland.It has about 1600 inhabitants and lies in the Leventina valley, which descends from the St. Gotthard mountain range. On 29 January 2006, Faido grew by incorporating the villages of Chiggiogna, Rossura, and Calonico.

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The municipality is first documented in 1171 as Faedo.

Faido has grown from 255 inhabitants in 1639 to 704 in 1850, 1173 in 1940, and 1522 in 2002.

In the spring of 2004, the residents voted for incorporating the surrounding municipalities of Chiggiogna, Osco, Mairengo, Calpiogna, Campello, Rossura, Calonico, Anzonico, Cavagnago, and Sobrio. Most of the municipalities rejected the proposition, and the new municipality consists of Faido, Chiggiogna, Rossura, and Calonico.

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