Hoenggerberg is a small hill located in the northeast of Zurich city. There is a campus of ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) here. This campus of the ETH is currently being transformed into “Science City”. Departments: geomatics -, environmental – and civil engineering, architecture, biology, chemistry, materials and physics. The department of geomatics engineering is situated in the brown building (HIL).

1975  320x Hoenggerberg ETH Zurich Hoenggerberg

There is an automatic machine sells fresh milk for SFr 1.40/L. It tastes pretty good, you can try.

1971  320x Hoenggerberg DSC 4701 Zurich Hoenggerberg 1941  320x Hoenggerberg DSC 4608 Zurich Hoenggerberg 1946  320x Hoenggerberg DSC 4632 Zurich Hoenggerberg 1962  320x Hoenggerberg DSC 4686 Zurich Hoenggerberg 1967  320x Hoenggerberg DSC 4697 Zurich Hoenggerberg