I have studied and lived in Switzerland since October 2006.

I traveled and will go on traveling around this beautiful small country.

My camera recorded my happy moments.

Now, I would like to share my experiences with you.

Places I have been to:

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Cities I like most:


It is the largest city in Switzerland with “the best quality of life” in the world although it ranks second in the most boring European cities list. I live in Zurich. You can find everything you need here. That’s why I love it.

82  480x Zurich Limmat River Zurich Altstadt old city 6 About 86  480x Zurich lake side 1 About 151  480x Zurich old city Altstadt  night 5 About


It has the most attractive city view, the river, the swan, the bridges, the church, the tower wall, the painting and the saddest lion of the world. Don’t forget there is a lake with splendid mountains surrounded.

432  480x Lucerne DSC 1254 About 439  480x Lucerne DSC 2785 About 461  480x Lucerne DSC 2810 About

St. Gallen

I have to mention it here because I study in the University of St. Gallen. The city is small and it has no river or lake. But it has an excellent cathedral and abbey library.

306  480x St.Gallen University 2 About 286  480x St.Gallen Abbey 8 About


Capital city of Switzerland, not big, nor crowded. Once you go there, you would easily like its old city, old Bern.

369  480x Bern bridge 1 About 409  480x Bern view from cathedral 5 About


I like Geneva only because of the wonderful lake.

598  480x Geneva Lake DSC 1773 About 592  480x Geneva Lake DSC 0869 About


Warm, sunny, nice ice cream…… different from other parts.

1239  480x Lugano DSC 1761 About 1245  480x Lugano DSC 1770 About